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New hair are awesome! :V
Sat Jun 23, 2012, 6:24 PM
you make me happy, thank you to exist ^^
Mon Jun 18, 2012, 3:03 PM
I have seen on tumblr your Nightmare Moon cosplay. Amazing! I cant wait to see it finished! yay!
Thu May 24, 2012, 6:56 AM
Beautiful costumes and pictures.
Mon May 21, 2012, 11:14 AM
Sun May 20, 2012, 2:05 AM
keep on cosplaying, i shell keep on using the photos for combo thingys 8D
Mon May 7, 2012, 7:58 AM
i like your pics
Fri Apr 6, 2012, 7:39 PM
Oh man, I am hovering right at 99, aren't I? Ack...
Sat Mar 17, 2012, 12:30 AM
we need your 100th deviations! :3
Tue Feb 28, 2012, 2:45 PM
I hope you read my critique of your work :V
Tue Feb 7, 2012, 2:13 PM




  • Mood: dA Love
We're really not this time!

First off, I quit my job and decided to focus on school.  I managed to pay off all my outstanding debts- for now, anyway- so I don't need the money as much, and I really can not afford to miss out on assignments.  Things are sliding perilously close to being back on track, so perhaps it will work out.  I have some other arrangements to get money on the side freelancing various things (writing, tech support, etc.) so I won't be broke.

You know what I haven't talked about in a while?  Video games.  I want to talk about video games. 

I got XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Christmas, and I picked up the Enemy Within expansion during the winter sale... and I LOVE IT!  I've always enjoyed turn-based strategy and I can't believe I never picked up the original before this.  There's something intensely absorbing about micromanaging my base.  I was also surprised at how attached I got to my soldiers.  I thought Fire Emblem was bad for causing resets, but I had no idea how bad it could get.  Confession time:  I've never finished an Ironman run because every time a soldier I love has died I've restarted the file.  They're just really important to me, okay?!  My best soldier right now is a Korean Assault class named So Ji Jeong, nicknamed 'Vandal'.  At one point she had 30 missions, 80 kills and I'm pretty sure the number is double that now.  She's got some gene mods she doesn't even need, like the leg mod that lets her leap up on buildings and the secondary heart mod that means she has more time to bleed out if she takes a bad hit.  Titan Armor, plasma rifle, get the hell outta the way.  Aggression + Killer Instinct + Run 'n' Gun + Rapid Fire = dead EVERYTHING.  The only other soldier that comes close is a friggin' MEC Trooper.  I credit this to the second wave options.  A lifetime of playing Fire Emblem and praying to the RNG for good stats has taught me that random might be a pain, but it also has great potential.  I get a lot of rookies with shitty starting stats thanks to Not Created Equal, but sometimes you get... magic.  And randomizing the level-ups can be similarly rewarding.  I'm willing to have barracks full of sub-par washouts in exchange for a solid six-man team of certified awesome. 

On the other hand, the reverse difficulty curve is kind of a shame.  The first few months are absolute hell, but once you get a year or so along you've got enough benefits that you can research and build everything quickly and your soldiers are strong enough to wipe the floor with everything that isn't a Sectopod.  Bring a properly specced team of Assault/Heavy/Support/Sniper/MEC (or, if you do like I do, Assault/MEC/MEC with Restorative Mist/Sniper/MEC.  I'M NOT MEC-OBSESSIVE.  WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?) and you can come out of basically every mission with no casualties... and once you start getting psionic powers unlocked, things REALLY get hilarious.  On one hand it's nice to be rewarded for being awesome, but on the other it's kind of dull after a while.  Enh, maybe things are different on Impossible.  Time to start a new file and see!

I've also been playing Final Fantasy XIV: ARR.  I remember when the first version came out and it sucked!  I've been playing ARR since last November, though, and I quite enjoy it.  I don't usually get in to subscription-based MMOs- WoW did nothing for me, for example- but I've been quite sucked in to this one.  I was out of the loop for the last couple of months since the debit card I was using to sub ran out, but I've switched over now and I'm playing again.  My main is a male Miqo'te Monk, level 32.  33?  I think he leveled right before I logged out last, so 33.  He's underleveled for the time I've been playing. ;_;  I'm REALLY attached to him though.  I got a coeurl kitten minion for him, and my mind explodes from cute every time I look at his adorable catboy face playing with his adorable kitten.  PRECIOUS.  ...No, I don't just like this game because it appeals to my cat obsession.  It also lets me punch things!  That's nice too.  If you happen to play then hit me up!  R'hyun Tia, Mateus server.  I'm trying to level a female Highlander Marauder on Bahamut since all my friends play there, but it's slow going since you can't do jack shit until you hit level 15.  Mateus is so lonely though...

Joking aside, I think my favorite thing about ARR is how old-school it feels.  It's more magic than tech, and it uses crystals in a more traditional and non-stupid way than, say, the XIII trilogy did.  I'm legitimately attached to Eorzea, which is surprising.  I wouldn't mind a single-player FF game taking place there, but considering XV is shaping up to be Boy Band Simulator XV I'm not holding my breath.  I'm quite attached to Ul'Dah as my home city, and quite like my membership in the Immortal Flames.  It's also nice that I feel like I'm getting the full game experience despite the fact that I always play solo and only bother teaming up with people through the duty finder.  The Duty Finder kind of sucks, though.  I mean it's tough for DPS classes in every game, but ARR only has THREE non-DPS classes.  So, yeah, when you have to fill a four-man party with a strict layout of roles, you can pretty much expect to spend about an hour on average waiting for a party if you're a Monk.  At least soloing is easy!  Hahahaha... hahaha... ha... ugh.

And is anyone else annoyed by Burial at Sea Episode 2?


I mean, I guess it's kind of cool to see Elizabeth forrest gump her way around Rapture, but I feel like a lot of the retcons hurt the story.  The Daisy one especially grinds my gears.  You can argue whether or not Daisy is sympathetic, but the fact that she is now canonically just an accessory for Elizabeth's development sets me wrong.  The unnecessary insertion of Elizabeth into the setup for Jack's initial arrival into Rapture bugs me, too, probably because it doesn't actually add anything to the storyline.  It could have been any random person who ended up giving Fontaine/Atlas the command phrase.  The only reason it's Elizabeth is because, well, Elizabeth is the main character.  Nothing is added by having it be her.  Admittedly I was hoping that the focus of Episode 2 would actually be Rapture- perhaps Elizabeth fighting to escape after killing Comstock and having to deal with the descent into chaos that was Fontaine's rebellion.  What I was really hoping was that the Rapture Booker and Rapture Elizabeth would be completely separate from Booker Prime and Elizabeth Prime, but that hope was dashed in Episode 1.  Instead, we got Dishonored Infinite: Forrest Gump Edition. 


I mean it's not bad, it's just... annoying.  Idk.

Okay, I'm done.  Probably.  ...For now.


Artist | Hobbyist
United States
I basically never do anything and I'm really sorry about that

I've been fairly uninspired to work on cosplay lately. I've got a lot of WIPs going on and no drive to finish any of them. So, out of the WIPs I have at the moment, which (if any) would you most like to see done? Let's get this train moving. 

19 deviants said Jeanette Voerman [VtM: Bloodlines] (Look, I can only do so many cosplays where my boobs are a major focus. I don't want that to be *all* I have to offer.)
15 deviants said Lady Loki [Marvel U] (I have a huge ♥ for all forms of Loki, and one of my friends is doing Sigyn from back at the very beginnings of the comic book, but... IDK, all the rabid fangirls are kind of ruining Loki for me [yes, yes, the irony].)
13 deviants said Zoey [Left4Dead] (Might actually get done anyway, for a zombie walk happening in October. Just depends on if the other group members actually pull through unlike some other ones [I'm looking at you, Saints Row group].)
9 deviants said Female Commissar [W40k] (HOW DOES I MAKE GREATCOAT???)
7 deviants said Crimson Viper [Street Fighter] (I also love Viper, but I haven't played SFIV in forever and I don't know where to start with the wig. Also, I don't have the looks for her.)
5 deviants said Tsuna [Katekyo Hitman Reborn] (One of the few manga I've actually made an effort to keep up with over the past few years. Tsuna is adorable, and I already have the wig, but I really don't think I can pull off a crossplay. I make a terrible dude.)
4 deviants said These all suck, do something else. I'll be a nice person and give you ideas, though, instead of just clicking this option and remaining silent.


Dec 22, 2014
11:59 am
Dec 22, 2014
10:58 am
Dec 22, 2014
10:34 am
Dec 22, 2014
9:41 am
Dec 22, 2014
8:34 am



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Awesome kinzie.excellent work.
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Great pictures you have !! I really like it ! 
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I wanted to say,
your cosplays are absolutely amazing. I'm a huge fan of Saints Row (to the point where it's kind of a problem) and your cosplays are just so spot on! Every one of them is really quite amazing. I can see you put a lot of time and effort into them and it has paid off!
I can't wait to see more of your work. You are stunning also.

Keep up the good work :D :D
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Happy Birthday! :D
Sorry if I was a bit late to say it.
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Happy Birthday, Hope you are doing well
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